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Dirty Electric in the Ham Shack! How dirty are you?

Here is a video of some dirty electric in the ham shack.. Check your shack and home, and even your neighbor's!

Is my Shack Dirty?
  1. Is my ham shack dirty?3 votes
    1. No Dirty Electric
    2. Dirty Electric
    3. Just Dirty


  • wow... that's a noisy SOB!

  • edited March 2017

    Funny thing with the Tytera MD-380 charger Aaron KC2NDA , you are not the first person to point out how RF noisy it is, but also a potential fire hazard. A large production run of them had many faults!

    1 - One of them is that the charger uses too high a voltage and can cook the lithium battery, which required a few modifications to those production runs affected. The charger is not "smart" or as smart as it should be.

    2 - Others have also done some simple modifications to try and quiet them down on an RF front too since a batch of them use a cheaper switching power supply than earlier production runs and have little/no filtering on them.

    These 2 issues contribute to why I plug my MD-380 charger away from the ham shack even after modification. I DO NOT LEAVE IT PLUGGED IN UNLESS I AM CHARGING IT TOO.

    Would you be interested in my sharing some of the modifications to that charger specifically?

  • Here is a link to where info on cleaning up the RFI on the MD-380 charger can be found. @KC2NDA put a lot of pressure on me to post this.

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