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The Weather Net is no longer in Operation

Because of new rules from the National Weather Service at a high level. The National Weather Service in Albany can no longer accept weather data from the stations that check into the Ulster County Weather Net. Since continuing to collect the data but having no place to send it makes no sense, the Ulster County Weather Net had it's last session this morning. There will be no more 7:30 AM weather nets. Thanks to Erwin, WA2EW, for being the net manager for the last 20 years or so and Bruce, WA3AFS, for being the net manager before Erwin.



  • This is sad.. But we can still do something about it? How about taking this to the next level???? Let's come up with a plan to create our own weather stations and submit them to a local database.


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    The following is the e-mail that Erwin, WA2EW, sent out to the members of the net. It explains why the net is ceasing operation and other alternatives for those who want to report their weather data.

    It is  with regrets that I must inform you that our daily weather net has been shrunk to a few. Our input to the (WXCoder) is no longer available to us.  According to the Albany wx service the directive came from a higher echelon .  I am no longer running the net in the morning  since I have   no  place to send the collected data .  Thank you for all the  participants , who over the 20 years plus had part of what I feel was a  great success. I am certainly going to miss every body.
    If you still would like to play a role in the weather service a option was  offered.  is a web site that has been in existences  for many years.  As a individual you can join the net . It is limited at the present time to only accept precipitation data. I am not sure if it will be expanded in the future to accept other data.. Again this would be a individual choice..  CWOP is another program that one might take a look at, again it would be a individual choice not collective.
    Finally skywarn  is not affected by the above changes. We still will help track sever weather once activated by the Albany WX service .
    Thanks to all who participated in the morning weather net. I will certainly miss it.


    I plan on attending the next OMARC meeting and will talk with anyone who is interested the CWOP system.

    Also there is Skywarn training class in Kingston on April 25th. If you are interesting in attending the class you will have to register for it beforehand. Go to "", click on "Skywarn" and follow the links to register for the class.


  • Frank, Erwin and Bruce, I very much appreciate having been able to participate in the Weather Net over the past year. Your dependability, professionalism and welcoming ways helped me in my early days as a new Ham.
    All the best to you all.

  • How about doing a traffic net for the different areas that have traffic??? I think that will be a good idea because there is accidents and need detours to go around these accidents. what do you guys think about this idea??

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