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Anybody interested in opening up discussions on Linux or Raspberry Pi? Jim, K2BHM


  • I post enough stuff here, so maybe you can give more an idea on what you are looking to learn Jim. Perhaps someone else can satisfy the interest.

    Some things I have recently done with an arduino include:

    • Software defined TNC based on the Mobilinkd unit I reviewed in another post.
    • Using the Arduino nano as part of a "virtual crystal" replacement (not posted on here)
    • Using a Teensy 3.6 as part of a digital voice mode repeater (not posted on here)

    The nice thing with starting with an application in mind lets me learn what I need to accomplish that. Most of what I learn can be re-purposed elsewhere as general knowledge.

    Steve K2GOG

  • With Raspberry Pi, I have done:

    Outernet receiver


    TCP streaming SDR

    OOK transciever

    Transmitter using rpitx and developed a front end for it to keep it only in the spectrum I wanted

    Transceiver in conjunction with a cheap SDR

    Host for digital voice decoding with an SDR

    I like using the Rpi in radio involved projects mostly ;)

  • Hi Steve, I have come across a few discussions about Rpi's on the repeater by accident. I myself have several Rpi's set up as remotely controllable surveillance cameras, a multimedia / network drive server, and web accessible temperature monitoring. I see you have some interesting projects as well. I have been playing with Rpi's for years now, Googling this and that, and a lot of trial and error. My thoughts are that 1. There may be several OMARC members interested in the Rpi. 2. Weather it is a radio project, multimedia, or whatever, you still start with burning an image on the SD card, attaching to the internet, updating and loading software, attaching hard drives, etc. All common tasks to begin numerous projects. 3. It would be nice to have a place to discuss projects, questions, ideas whatever. Someplace static, not just catching a QSO by accident. 4. It would also be nice to have a group locally where you could meet and show somebody something hands on. 5. This forum, the repeater, the club meetings seems like a good place to expand interest and support for the Rpi. So, I guess the big question is, How many club members have a pi or would like to play with one? Or Arduino? Let's start there.....

  • BHM, great idea...

  • Basically, some of us are power users, and some are newbies. Some have done things and some want to do things. Not everybody has the same needs and aspirations, but we all have a common interest and can learn from each other. Just because your current project is not radioamateur related, doesn't mean that somebody else will not use that information to progress to a more advanced topic that is radioamateur related. I feel bad that I maybe could have the answer to somebody's problem, but missed the boat because I wasn't listening to the repeater at that specific time. So, somebody is struggling and giving up when I could have said, Try this and tell me what happens, and walk them through something I struggled with and found a solution to... We have the infrastructure. How do we use it to it's best advantage? We toss ideas around on the forum, then get to show them off at the meetings. Isn't that what the Reitron is all about? That sure seems to be a hit! Jim, K2BHM

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