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Raspberry Pi Laptop Project

One of the projects that I am working on is to make a Raspberry Pi laptop. So far I am taking an Itronix IX250 laptop that I gutted. I removed the motherboard and all other non-needed items. The laptop lost about 10 pounds from this.. ;)

Here is one of the items I just purchased to test if I can extend the SD card or not. Making this super easy to replace the OS without opening the laptop.

I need to remap the keyboard and make a special controller for it.. This is going to be tricky but I have a solution in mind which is a quarter of the way done..

As for the LCD, I found a controller that should work with the screen which it does seem to work perfect except the power inverter which I had to get a special inverter to make it work. I have not tested the inverter yet.. The controller looks like this:

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