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Raspberry Pi Laptop Project

One of the projects that I am working on is to make a Raspberry Pi laptop. So far I am taking an Itronix IX250 laptop that I gutted. I removed the motherboard and all other non-needed items. The laptop lost about 10 pounds from this.. ;)

Here is one of the items I just purchased to test if I can extend the SD card or not. Making this super easy to replace the OS without opening the laptop.

I need to remap the keyboard and make a special controller for it.. This is going to be tricky but I have a solution in mind which is a quarter of the way done..

As for the LCD, I found a controller that should work with the screen which it does seem to work perfect except the power inverter which I had to get a special inverter to make it work. I have not tested the inverter yet.. The controller looks like this:

Finally got around to gutting the LCD and replacing the components with the correct inverter and wiring. Routed the wiring though the same holes and it had just enough room for everything. Worked great!

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