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The December 7th 2017 "Rag Net" DMR Topic Focus

edited December 2017 in Thursday Rag Net

With the reboot of the "rag net", look out for an updated area on this forum in the near future to keep track of past discussion like CJ has for the Farmers & Gardeners Net.

Here is a recap on the in's and out's of DMR:

Firstly, it was Dave’s K2JLV's idea to bring me on as a “guest” tonight. Here is some follow up details from the net this evening that took 90 minutes to answer Keith’s two part question which was:

• What makes DMR unique or different compared to FM?
• What sort of activity is taking place on DMR in the local area?

Along the way, we answered what would be a good starter type or radio and additional resources to learn more about DMR.

Here are some helpful links brought up during the net:

Good review of “basic” starter radios to get involved on DMR

Where can you find DMR activity locally?

https// (new website, still being built out as more repeaters come online)


Pete N2MCI has a DMR repeater in Kingston which the HVDN website will have talk group listing, frequency, timeslot, color code, etc information shortly.

Here is a list of the N2LEN and affiliated DMR repeaters

Talkgroup 31368 is the “Mid Hudson Valley” carried on the N2MCI repeater as well as others to communicate locally

The Radioddity GD-77 is a great basic dual band HT to purchase

The Anytone AT-D868UV is a good dual band HT that I have heard good review about

The TYT MD-9600 is a dual band mobile radio that N2MCI mentioned he just purchased that I hope he authors a review on one day.

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