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Last FGN of 2017

Great net tonight to wrap up 2017.

Some of the topics:

  • Backwoods Magazine making the final switch to digital copy only.
  • Steve K2GOG - Good article on uses of conifer tree tips for many recipes.
  • BW Magazine has a good user forum worth having a look at
  • Ted K2MKD is not doing any garden prep yet. Slacker. :)
  • Chester KC2ZYF talked about growing avocado's indoors and needs better light sources.
  • Dave KD2MQE shared his experiences in growing arugula with a grow light.
  • July 11th FGN has the most activity all year as a major highlight to CJ KD2IIN
  • CJ shared a list of great seed providers. He will share the list below.
  • Chester got some tips of natural and un-natural pain relief.

Hope every has a happy and healthy entry into 2018.

#1 crop for next "spring"?
  1. What will you plan to grow come Spring1 vote
    1. Tomato
    2. Potato
    3. Arugula
    4. Avocado
    5. Paw=Paw's
    6. Fungi
    7. Money
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