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12/28/17 Net: HF Antenna Discussion

Tried to keep a running summary of the types of antennas discussed during the net in use on HF.

KC2IQV uses the below antenna in his mobile

K2GOG uses a home made version of this antenna on the mobile

Both Chuck and Steve seem to have favorable reports on 20m and mixed results on 40m

Steve's antenna takes some of the design principles based on a matching unit in a Comet vertical antenna per below

and not a donut ferrite 9:1 balun which did not work as well with such a short whip

KC2IQV also explored a folded dipole for 40/80 that sounds like this one.

K2GOG talked about the T2FD antenna which is like the folded dipole, but not the same. :)

Dave K2JLV (NET MODERATOR) shifted to inverted L antenna. Here is one that K2GOG has deployed that worked great 80m and up to about 15m.

Dave is going to try one for 160m, one day, when he can find the time.

CJ came back with some other antennas he has heard about that look like an inverted L but would like to learn more about them as well as the KD2IIN 80m 104ft ladder-line feeding 210ft of radiator.



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