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MPET-Baofeng Speaker Mic connection guide



  • edited May 2017

    I was pondering over the circuit changes and the usage of the Baofeng radio with the modded Baofeng Mic and I think it should still work. I was hoping someone could actually try it out and let us know.. Paul, do you have a Baofeng you could try it out on? If not, I could provide mine as the sacrificial test bed.. ;) There shouldn't be a problem with the changes. Everything should still work as expected.

  • Here is the new Baofeng Mic circuit diagram that should work for the Ritron:


  • Hi Aaron, right now Keith Tilley has my Baofeng, however I am meeting with him next week and should get it back by Wednesday, May 31.

    However, happy to drop by your place or have you over to our home to experiment with your Baofeng. I'll send you an email.

  • Paul, can you provide the part numbers for the mic's plugs? I also think it would be really cool to have a template made up or a little guide for drilling the holes for the speaker mic plug. Maybe we can have KB2AQW make us up some drilling guide templates,, That way it is easier to drill without being sloppy.

  • Hi Aaron...yes I can do that, however, please see my email re getting together to test the Baofeng mic...I'm available most days this week and next. We did not test using the Baofeng with a 'volume control' and I ran into some issues when I wired the variable resistor that K2GOG gave into the circuit.
    I want to double check everything before we are confident that this all works.

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