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Don's "MPET In A Box" Project

This discussion was created from comments split from: MPET Beginners Thread.


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    Here is a look at my MPET in project box. Right now I can transmit and receive on the 146.805 repeater although I had to make a toggle switch to get mic to transmit. still looking into why I have to do that. Having the wires hooked up to jack only gave me carrier with no mic audio when i put in switch I managed to get it to work but not the ideal way I was hoping.

  • Update on my MPET project. I used a Ritron RM 7 microphone that I ordered at and the MPET works flawlessly in transmit and receive. I also used a separate speaker 8 ohm 1 watt for receive. still working out bugs with the baofeng mic to work with MPET Project. The RM 7 has a mono plug all you need is ground and mic input pin 4 on MPET board to work mic. I have it plugged in a 2.5mm stereo jack with no issues. Here are pictures of the mic and board with db15 connector still have to set up switch.

  • Excellent job!

  • This is great Don...looking forward to hearing more about your project at the meeting. Ritron mic solution nice and as I heard on the repeater...good choice to go with the less expensive 'mic only' ritron...simplify, simplify, simplify.

  • nice work Don! You guys are all making good progress!

  • Thank you all! Working on chucks KC2IQV BCD switch have the switch all wired up like in the diagram on chucks thread post. Right now I installed a toggle switch for the 805 repeater and simplex frequency and that works with a flip of a switch between the 2 but want to have all available channels on MPET Board.

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    Update: I added a low high power toggle switch along with BCD switch 1 pole 8channel 3 deck. here are the pictures.

  • Great job!!!! I am sure you have loads of stories to tell about how you installed all the pieces and parts.

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