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"805" Live Net Streaming w/ Chat

OMARC now has "receive only" access for live streaming of the 146.805 MHz repeater through Echolink for monitoring at any time. The goal is to have this operational 24/7 just like "805".

All CURRENT MEMBERS will be added to this closed access way of listening to our our flagship repeater. Here is what you need to do:

  • Step 1: Make sure your OMARC member dues are current by checking with the Treasurer
  • Step 2: Validate your call sign for Echolink by going here
  • Step 3: Download & install the appropriate version of Echolink for your device (Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Smart Phone, etc).

Once you are set up on Echolink, look for K2GOG-R in the stations list and go ahead and connect.

      -----> You will now be able to "listen only" to the repeater with Echolink. <-----

Tips & Tricks

  • Trick #1: If you see other stations logged in on Echolink to K2GOG-R listening to the repeater, you can use the chat function to talk with them via text in real time, just like an instant messenger program.

  • Tip #1: Future development "may" enable limited use of "transmit" capability with Echolink to access this or other OMARC repeaters for full two way communication from anywhere you have internet connectivity.

  • Trick #2: If you have your own "simplex node" and you would like to have the OMARC "805" repeater "rebroadcast" over your own local frequency by connecting to it, please let the OMARC repeater committee know what frequency you will be using. Your link node call sign will be added as an additional user for access. NOTE: This is still "receive only" access. But, a "savvy" operator can be shown how to blend "receive only 805" along with your own 2 way echo-link node too.

  • Tip #2: Future development may allow any Echolink user that is not an OMARC member to listen to our organized nets and communicate via the chat function to ask questions. Net managers will be encouraged to monitor the chat window during this time for inbound questions.

  1. What device would you most likely use Echolink from?4 votes
    1. Smart Phone
    2. Laptop, Tablet or Desktop


  • This is an important develop. Thanks.

    I really like the 'club members only' least for now.

    Not sure how I feel about the way some Echolink contacts 'take over' one of the local repeaters in our area...their QSOs might reflect poorly on OMARC.

    Excited to see and support the 'future developments'.

    Logged in Saturday, April 22 at 0747 and it came right up on my iPhone.

    The 'notice' is clear about **RECEIVE ONLY*** and the 'visit for info' is very nice advertising.

    Really nicely done. Thanks.

  • Just set myself up on Echolink. Pretty cool. Thanks !!

  • I removed the restriction that allows only OMARC members to access the receive only Echolink access so anyone, anywhere can listen to the Farmers and Gardeners Net tonight. Sounds like CJ has a good topic planned for 0930 PM ET. Pre-Net details here

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