The New Ham Net is organized by the Overlook Mountain Amateur Radio Club’s Education Committee. 

It meets every Sunday evening at 9:00 PM local New York time which is the same as 2100 local hours or 0100 Universal Time Coordinate (UTC/Zulu) to provide education, information, and a voice of experience to recently licensed Amateur Radio operators. 


This net can be found on the 146.805 WA2MJM repeater located in Woodstock, NY area with a coverage area of roughly 30 miles south, 10 miles west, 20 miles east and 10 miles north.  To access this repeater, please use a 0.6 MHz negative shift and a PL tone of 103.5 Hz.


You can also listen to this repeater via Echolink which is available to all licensed amateur operators from anywhere you have internet access via a computer or mobile device. Look for either K2GOG-R or WA2MJM-R in the station listing within your Echolink application.  

Participants learn how to operate in a net structure, and anyone with a question can have it answered here by a weekly rotation of net control stations.  We may also share information from OMARC, the ARRL, or other local events, activities and organizations as appropriate.

This is a directed net and all communication will be directed through Net Control for the duration of the net.  The New Ham Net typically lasts 45 minutes with multiple opportunities to check in throughout its duration.


Current rotation of net control stations as of October 2017 include:


·        Keith Tilley K2UNI

·        Steve Bossert K2GOG

·        Michael KD2NMG

Please also have a look at our OMARC Forum where you can ask questions and receive answers in our non-member Ham Q&A section found here.


The Overlook Mountain Amateur Radio Club, 501(C)(3), strives to be a leading steward in promoting the future of amateur radio.