To become an amateur radio operator, you must first earn a Technician Class license by passing a multiple choice question exam. OMARC offers classroom courses to help you prepare for the exam.  Through lectures, demonstrations, and discussions, our courses will help you develop knowledge and skills that will get you through the exam and into the excitement of amateur radio. You can upgrade your license privileges by passing additional exams for the General Class and Extra Class licenses. Licensing and upgrade classes are scheduled in advance. Click the Calendar link for a current schedule.
OMARC members can also offer coaching and practical help as you choose your new equipment, set up your station, and explore the many new technologies and practices that await you as an amateur radio operator.

Licensing and Upgrade Examinations:
OMARC Licensing and upgrade exam sessions are offered throughout the year. Click the Calendar link for a current schedule.  Pre-registration is not necessary. Please bring a photo ID, some pencils, an optional calculator and our $15 examination fee.  If you're upgrading bring a copy of your current radio license.

The Overlook Mountain Amateur Radio Club, 501(C)(3), strives to be a leading steward in promoting the future of amateur radio.