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Phase 1 (Think): Embedded MPET for IP and DV modes.

My overall goal with the MPET for this project for quick description was stick it inside a computer, run the MPET off the internal computer power supply and do stuff with it.

For a recap: Have a look at the process I am following to chart my progress.

In the past I took an old commercial Icom mobile radio and built it in to an old tower desktop computer for use as an Echolink node, streaming device, etc, but I never liked how much current it drew on receive ( or transmit), it was noisy ( sound-wise and RF-wise) , it was huge and a pain to interface how I wanted.

This proved to be annoying, so I went back to an external radio and power supply with sound card interface which still needed to be hooked into a computer while I looked for a different approach as time permitted.

There had to be a better way that would be more streamlined!

When Aaron KC2NDA sent me a link about the Ritron board being available at quantity late 2016, I knew I had to jump on board right away to get a few!

Hope this explains the concept.

Below is a picture of the "streamlined" integration of the MPET to the chosen computer. ( Under the hood pictures found elsewhere!)

Here is the "external" way of doing the same thing with the Icom, power supply and sound card interface that I had hooked up to the same type of computer a few years ago for comparison.

It is possible to NOT have to go down the path to build the MPET into a computer like I have done and many may say using the same power supply to run the MPET and computer is not a good idea for many reasons, but I wanted to do it anyway!

And it works, pretty good!

Building the MPET into a self contained enclosure with power supply, battery power and sound card interface is on the list too.

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