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Portable Power for Mesh Networks & Field Operations

My inspiration for a portable power solution came from N2ZAC's battery wagon I saw at the OMARC Field Day last year, but its more compact and serves my needs for portable operation conditions and networked connectivity.

Enjoy the video highlighting my prototype and its much larger version. What you will see is:

  • A 12V 7Ah SLA based solution capable of 12V, 5V and 24V output
  • Solar charger and batter cut off capability
  • "Production Grade" version with 20Ah capacity
  • Use case with an AREDN mesh node and access for local Wi-Fi gateway to the mesh network
  • In use at the OMARC Field Day 2017


  • Yes, K2GOG...this was of great interest. I have subscribed to your YouTube channel. Nice to know a celebrity.

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