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FINAL PLANNING WFD 2018: Increased Accuracy Forecast

Now that we are less than 2 weeks away from our first Winter Field Day, the forecast is looking very nice for outside operation.


Ask any other questions below.

As presented at the OMARC January Member & Business Meeting on January 18th, the weather appears it will cooperate to hold WFD 2018 at Ferncliff Forest on Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th.

Forecast As Of January 19th (Courtesy of Wunderground)

Important Information for Winter Field Day Set Up

Official "On The Air" operating time starts at 2:00 PM Saturday January 27th.

Those involved or interested in official set up will be arriving at Ferncliff Forest at 10:00 AM. The address is 68 Mount Rutsen Road Rhinebeck NY 12572. Google Directions here

Transport of all OMARC equipment such as generators, antennas, etc is taken care of and those involved with that have alternate arrival times.

Our goal is to have everything ready to go on the air by 1:00 PM before we have lunch will be arriving around that time.

The plan is to have teams focused on one antenna at a time with a goal of getting an antenna ready for operation in about 30 minutes before moving to the next one.

There will be a separate team focused on generator deployment.

There will be a separate team focused on assembly of operating stations, logging and comfort.

Everyone helping with setup will be assigned specific tasks to make things go smoothly.

Day Time Safety and Weather Advisory Preparation

If you will be helping with setup, please be prepared by dressing accordingly for the weather.

If you plan to operate only, please dress according to your level of comfort needed.

Sturdy warm shoes/boots and gloves are mandatory for anyone working outside.

Layers will make it easy to warm or cool down.

Hydration levels will be monitored for all involved in setup activities.

OMARC will be distributing hard hats and safety glasses for those who require them.

Select individuals organizing the event will have reflective vests to identify who to ask questions to.

Night Time Safety and Weather Advisory Preparation

Based on the current forecast, we likely will plan to operate into the late evening.

Please ensure you have proper attire and personal lighting with you at all times.

Any one who will be operating at night, PLEASE SEND ME YOUR LICENSE PLATE NUMBER.

All other day time rules apply for safety reasons. Food will be provided based on attendance.

Sanitation, First Aid and Clean Up Rules

An on-site "porta potty" will be provided in close proximity to our primary operating location.

Dedicated recycling and garbage containers will be provided.

Hand Sanitizer will be provided by OMARC.

Please try to dispose of any personal garbage prior to arriving to make for easier cleanup.

Operator and Site Check In Procedure

All who are looking to operate must check in at the information table.

All involved in setup and operating must advise on any health conditions that could be an issue if being semi-outside or fully outside for more than 3 hours will be an issue in under 30 degree weather.

All operators will be provided with a 30 minute operating window before having to take a 5 minute break to aid in blood circulation.

All operators may not not operate more than 60 minutes in a row to allow for others to have a try, if there is a waiting list.

Antenna Information

There will be a 40/80m dipole, inverted V 20/40/80m, dipole, 10-160m Inverted L, 10/15/20m dipole for HF operations.

Diplexers will allow for additional operating positions to use the same antenna at the same time

A VHF/UHF Discone and directional antennas for satellite will also be available.

Radio Information

Headphones will be provided by OMARC for use as applies.

The following radios will be available for the duration of the event Yaesu FT-857D, Icom IC-706mkIIG, Yaesu FT-450, Icom IC-761, Icom IC-725.

Members are encouraged to bring personal radios to use when you choose to operate.

Power supplies will be provided with connections for ring or power pole connections.

Emergency Services and Communication

Rhinebeck Fire Department and EMS are less than 5 minutes away

Northern Dutchess Hospital is less than 4 minutes away

Mobile Phone coverage is not an issue.

OMARC will provide access to a basic first aid kit for those who require it.

Site communications will be conducted on 146.520 MHz and 446.075 MHz DMR.

Repeater coverage on the 146.805 repeater will be primary and backed up on the 448.625 MHz DMR repeater.


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