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Thursday Night Net 3/1

Tonight's net starter topic is APRS.
I will add some links here for reference material.

Great primer video from KF4KNF:

Wikipedia Page:

Some interesting links from Joe N1JTA:

Not sure if you know about these self-contained units for $105

Small APRS unit designed for tracking "edge of space" balloon projects:

Another APRS in action on an "edge of space" balloon project:


See you all there!

Dave Brooks


  • The net ran from 8pm to 9pm.
    Participants include, AB2ZO, KC2ZYF, K2LD, AC2UQ, KD2IIN, N1JTA, K2DED.
    Lots of great information passed by Frank and CJ.
    Many great questions by all.
    I think everyone learned a lot.
    I know I did.


  • Also check out APRS.FI


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