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Field Day 2020 pix

We had a successful Field Day, despite the health situation.

We were class A6.

Very lucky that the new location at Ferncliff Forest in Rhinebeck, NY, and the weather, were conducive to getting it done.

Here are some pix. There are more at and even more coming soon. Photos below are from Ken KD2TQS and me KD2MQE.

Starting Friday 6/26/2020 with antennae setup.

Reviewing the newly deployed 20m antenna. (Dave K2JLV, Guy KD2TLF)

40-80m fan dipole. (Steve K2GOG)

Rigging the 40-80 out of the trees. (Charles KD2BID)

Preparing for the 10-15-20m tribander. (Dave K2JLV, Dave KD2MQE)

Saturday 6/27/2020 -- Getting ready

Establishing the perimeter for the satellite antenna. (Bob KD2QAK)

Sample go-box & current info messages.


Safety guidance.

Check-in. (Joe N2LL in background)

Six-foot "DMZ" area around operations.

Hand-wash station. One-way traffic through operations area.

One way traffic; six-foot separation.

Operations, at distance. (L-R Jed KD2KJU, Paul KD2IWC, Doc KJ2DOC, Jim K2BHM, Dave K2JLV, Guy KD2TLF, Ben KD2TFK, J.R. KA2TMU, Joe N2LL)

Prep for satellite. (Steve K2GOG)

Overnight ops. (Aaron KC2NDA)

Sunday 6/28

Good pile-ons overnight! (Aaron KC2NDA)

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