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2017 Contests

edited March 2017 in "ON THE AIR" Activity

Rich AC2MT posted some great results in the ARRL DX contest this past weekend. Nicely done!

The ARRL maintains an annual "Contest Calendar".

Which ONE of the next 6 contests do you think would be of MOST interest to you?

2017 ARRL Contests
  1. Which of the next 6 contests seem interesting to you?2 votes
    1. April 16th - Rookie Roundup – Phone
    2. June 10th to 12th - June VHF Contest
    3. June 18th - Kids Day
    4. June 24th and 25th - Field Day
    5. July 8th and 9th - IARU HF World Championship
    6. August 5th and 6th - 222 MHz and Up Distance Contest
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