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Yaesu & MPET

Below is how I have wired the MPET to be used for packet with the Mobilinkd TNC2 and my Arduino based TNC project.

This can serve as a foundation for those looking to use a Yaesu microphone with the MPET.

Changing the value of the resistor and adding in a volume control would be important to consider for voice transmission/reception.

In the case of the MPET for 1200 baud data, I am using R350 to give me a fixed audio level.


  • Yaesu uses a scheme called "multiplexing" to combine PTT and MIC functions on one pin. The unused "RING1" on the 3.5mm TRRS connector would normally be used for PC programming.

    Baofeng and Kenwood use "simplex" for its wiring schema which can be more complicated at times, depending on what is trying to be accomplished.

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