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MPET Project Reference Sheet & DB-15 Pin Out

If you need a refresh on what exactly is MPET, how it came to be and where we are headed, please have a look at the "Official OMARC MPET Introduction" thread first for some helpful files.

The MPET's distributed at our January meeting included a one page "cheat sheet" with some basic information.

If you need to print off another copy, here is where you can find it.

The initial programming for the MPET is below so you know what it is programmed for.

The 15 pin connector on the MPET provides all input, output, control and power functions to get your MPET working.


  • Thanks for the info GOG! ;)

  • I found this sheet and extremely helpful. I plan to use this project to increase my knowledge of what happens 'under the hood' of my radios and this is a great place to start.

    For example seeing how pin 14 allows the PTT to actually work when I push the MIC button...increases my understanding of 'how things work'.

    My Dad was a Ham in the 1950s in Brooklyn, NY and he taught me about electricity and radios using what he (and now I) called the "goesinta/doesit/comzouta" method. Paul, he used to say, "All you have to know is that it starts here...then 'goesinta' here, this thing is called a (whatever) it 'does it', then it 'comesouta' here and 'goesinta'...etc.

    Finally, after waiting 60 years I have my own "goesinta" device.

    Thanks for the gift of the male 15 pin connector. It helped me to see that I will need some help soldering wires to this puppy and the guidance of someone who actually knows what they are doing.

    All help, advice, suggestions, feedback welcome. I've posted my 'vision' for this project on the 'Beginner's' Thread.

  • Thank you very much steve K2GOG as I did not know the pin number layout or what was programmed and what channels excellent info!

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