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As some of you know, I am experimenting with using a drone, or quadcopter, as a viable way to hang antenna supports in trees. As there is a decent amount of interest, I will describe my progress here.

The initial concept thus far is to use the drone to carry a 1oz. fishing weight in a small bucket. The weight will be tethered to a reel of 30# fishing line which the drone will pull out as needed. Once the desired limb/tree is overflown the drone will be turned 180 degrees, and the line payout stopped. The drone will then back away, and the line will pull the weight from the bucket. This will leave the drone free to navigate safely back to the ground.

I will add pictures and progress updates as I get them.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.





  • "Dead Man" line reel Mark I

  • "Dead Man" line reel Mark I

  • "Dead Man" line reel Mark I

  • Dave this is such an intriguing concept. Thanks for keeping us informed.

    How will you practice the aerial maneuvers necessary?

    I was thinking that even starting out with an outdoor basketball backboard might allow you to test the basic moves needed and the practicality of the taut line pulling the fishing weight out of the small bucket.

    Once you've mastered the moves, you could also practice dropping the weight through the hoop.

    All this of course is preparatory for navigating branches in live trees.

    Perhaps this could also be a new sport and OMARC could sponsor "Drone Basketball" events.

    If you decide to conduct a 'public practice session' I'm happy to bring my video-camera.

    Great idea!

  • Thanks for the support Paul. It's a bit tricky getting around with the weight as well as the line. The line acts as a sail, so quite calm conditions will be a must I think. I can compensate, but it will take some getting used to. I think the wind issue could be mitigated by flying either directly into it, or with it. Cross-winds are tricky. Will there be a final four in Drone basketball? Fill out your brackets early...


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