Our Mailing Address

Overlook Mountain Amateur Radio Club
Post Office Box 180
West Hurley, New York 12491

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Become a Member (or renew your member dues)

FULL MEMBER: Any individual interested in Amateur Radio is eligible to become a full member. A full member may hold office, vote on business brought before the club and/or operate a control point as their license privileges permit. Dues: $25.00 per year.

SENIOR MEMBER: Any individual interested in Amateur Radio over age 65 is eligible to become a senior member. A senior member has the same privileges as a Full Member. Dues: $20.00 per year.

FAMILY MEMBERSHIP: Any 2 or more individuals from the same household and the same immediate family interested in Amateur Radio may enroll in a family membership. Each individual must apply for membership separately. Dues: $35.00 per year, per household.

How to apply for membership

Download, print, and mail the paper membership FORM to our mailing address above, or complete this online FORM. Include dues payment as described below.

How to pay membership dues (new applicants or existing members)

Send a check payable to OMARC with your membership dues to our mailing address above or send your dues online, through PayPal.

Renewing members do not need to send the membership form again.